About Us

rdGalua Associates is an architectural firm established in 1998.

It is dedicated to providing a diversified range of services from space planning and design, to project development and management as well as consultancy services not only for architectural design but also for sustainable development.

Its innovative design solutions for different projects stem from a highly investigative design process with an integration of a sustainable development approach as it goes with the trend of green architecture.


The firm comprises a comprehensive range of expertise. Members of the consulting team have professional qualification as architect and experts in Sustainable Development projects that fits what is required to deliver an excellent and quality service.

rdGaIua Associates has proven its ability to handle different degrees of project complexity with its involvement in numerous types of establishments- government offices, colleges, universities, commercial establishments, residential buildings, plus a number of municipal & city master development plans and physical planning.


Throughout the years, the firm has been steadfast in delivering excellent service to its clients, and it remains consistent as it continues to operate in the field of architecture.